Hera Symbols

3 Symbols of Hera: What are They?

No deity quite sums up William Congreve’s statement that ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ than Hera does. The wife of Zeus, she lived in a seemingly perpetual state of rage, jealousy, and bitterness over his sexual exploits, extramarrital affairs, and ever-increasing number of children born to other …

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Aphrodite Symbols

3 Symbols of Aphrodite: What are They?

Of course, the goddess of love, lust, sex, and passion would have flowers and doves as her primary symbols. The irony lies in the stark contrast between the romantic notion roses, myrtle and dove have coveted over the years and the fierce, merciless, very unromantic and vain nature of Aphrodite. …

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Hestia Symbols

2 Symbols of Hestia: What are They?

Unlike other deities, Hestia was simplicity and minimalism embodied. That is, she wasn’t the goddess of many things. She wasn’t Aphrodite, the goddess of both love and lust, sex and passion and beauty. She wasn’t Hera, goddess of fertility and marriage and family and more. She wasn’t any such thing. …

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Greek Mythology Movies

9 Best Greek Mythology Movies: What are They?

The world of Greek mythology has inspired people for millennia. And why wouldn’t it? What child doesn’t dream of finding out they’re the subject of a glorious prophecy? Who doesn’t imagine a life full of magic and fantastical creatures? But maybe more to the point, is who doesn’t feel spoken …

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Symbols of Poseidon: What Are They?

After the war against the Titans was over, Poseidon took to the seas. Dolphins and tridents became his most beloved symbols and aids. And somehow a horse, a creature destined for the land, also became one of his primary symbols. He used his trident to calm the seas and to …

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Zeus Symbols

Symbols of Zeus: What Are They?

Greek mythology is this funny thing that classists dive into seeking meaning, symbolism, moral, and story. And one would hope that when it came to the king of the gods we’d find symbols relating to loyalty and justice, to strength and compassion for those he rules. But that desire will …

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Why Was Medusa Cursed

Why was Medusa Cursed?

Medusa is the cursed gorgon whose appearance was so horrible that those who gazed upon her were immediately turned into stone, but why was this horrible curse placed upon her? Although primarily a Greek myth, we owe the story of Medusa’s curse to the Roman author Ovid. Ovid’s Metamorphoses details …

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Olympian Gods

Are the Greek Gods Good or Evil?

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. Greek mythology is the king of pushing the moral ambiguity line. Because it’s within Greek mythology that you’re going to find a demigod who kills his wife and children, is sent on a series of impossible tasks by a god, and …

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Is Hercules Good or Evil?

If we lived in a world where the Greek myths were true, then Disney’s Hercules would be seen as one of the greatest PR campaigns the world has ever seen. It took this ill-tempered and often brutish man and made him the hero of the story rather than the violent …

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Are Dragons Good or Evil?

One of the most awe-inducing aspects of mythology is the way creatures of similar description popped up in stories all over the world without the cultures they come from ever meeting. Dragons are a perfect example. They can be found in the lore of cultures all over the world – …

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