Tartarus vs Hades What is the Difference

Tartarus vs Hades: What is the Difference?

The underworld in Greek mythology was often the setting for both heroic deeds and tragic ends. Many of the myths detail adventures into the depths of the underworld. But there is some confusion between the words used to describe the place. The terms Hades and Tartarus are often used interchangeably. …

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The Greek God Profile 12 Questions Answered

The Greek God Profile: 12 Questions Answered

In Greek mythology, there were tonnes of gods. In fact, there were a number of different ages where different groups of gods were dominant. First came the primordial Gods like Uranus and Gaia who represented the sky and the earth. Then came the Titans, great hulking beast gods. And finally …

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Can Greek Gods Die?

The Greek gods are famed for being immortal. They would go through all manner of trials and battles and almost always come out the other end all in one piece. There are however, a few exceptions. There are some myths in which the gods don’t quite make it. So, lets …

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