Why Did Theseus Kill the Minotaur

Why Did Theseus Kill the Minotaur?

Greek mythology is full of many tales of daring and adventure. But, you’d be hard pressed to find a story as exciting as that of Theseus and the Minotaur. The story brings together a hero, a monster and cruel king. So, without further ado, lets answer the key question – …

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Most Evil Greek Gods and Goddesses

18 Evil Greek Gods and Goddesses: Who Are They?

In Greek mythology, many of the Gods have both positive and negative traits. This was to make them somewhat relatable to the normal Greek person who themselves was fallible. However, there are some Gods and Goddesses whose evil side can very often get the better of them. This side to …

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Creatures in Greek Mythology

25 Important Creatures and Monsters from Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has an overwhelming number of strange creatures and monsters. There is such incredible variety and it is often difficult to identify or distinguish the most important. So, I’ve put together my own list of the most important creatures and monster in Greek mythology. Hope you enjoy! Important Creatures …

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