Famous Goblins

7 Famous Goblins: Who Are They?

Goblins are some of the most celebrated and feared across fantasy worlds from the Middle Ages right up until the present. They exist in various forms all around the world and are nearly always the scary and deadly type – though some myths have a more benevolent trickster at their …

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Goblin Stories

6 Goblin Myths and Stories

These old, tricky creatures date way back in history to the time of the faery folk in Europe, first recorded on paper in the Middle Ages. They had homes across countries in Europe, as well as equivalent creatures who existed all around the world, and they varied from friendly tricksters …

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Goblin Facts

12 Goblin Facts: Tolkien, Korea and Hobgoblins

From Middle-Earth to Marvel, role-playing games to fantasy films, goblins have been reimagined a million times. However, where did they come from? Goblins have their origins all over Europe as far back as the Middle Ages, and there are plenty of fascinating facts that you might not have known before.  …

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