Who Built the Walls of Asgard

Who Built the Walls of Asgard?

After the Aesir and Vanir treaty had been established, the Aesir felt they needed to rebuild the wall that had been destroyed during the war. Although Thor often protected them against Giants and Trolls, he wasn’t always around. When a traveller arrived in Asgard, he offered to build the wall …

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Who Stole the Mead of Poetry

Who Stole the Mead of Poetry?

The story of Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry is one of the longer and in parts darker of the Norse myths. It brings together dwarfs, gods and giants. It involves deception, treachery and murder. Everything you are probably looking for in a good story!  So lets get into it, …

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Why Did Thor Dress Up As A Bride

Why Did Thor Dress up as a Bride?

Thor was often getting himself into some scrap or another with any one of the giants. He loved to head off on an adventure into Jotunheim the land of the giants. But in one of the myths Thor ventures to Jotunheim for a very different reason. This myth involves Thor …

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Why Did Aphrodite Punish Narcissus

Who Are Loki’s Children?

Loki is one of the most important characters in Norse mythology. Other than maybe Odin or Thor, he appears in so many of the different stories. In the myths it isn’t clear if he is on the side of the Aesir gods, working with the giants or rather just interested …

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Odin Kills Ymir

Why Did Odin Kill Ymir?

Odin is probably one of the more well known gods from Norse mythology. He plays a significant role in the creation myth and the destruction myth as well as everything in between.  Ymir is the first giant to be born into the Norse world. He comes to a tragic end …

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Yggdrasil and the 9 Worlds of Norse Mythology

Norse mythology has a expansive universe with an awesome creation myth and some interesting worlds to explore. There are gods, elves, giants, dwarfs, dragons and much more. These creatures live in a universe made up of 9 worlds all connected by a huge tree called Yggdrasil. Each world has specific …

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Giants in Norse Mythology

11 Giants in Norse Mythology: Who Are They?

Norse mythology has its fare share of creatures and monsters. There are the gods, the elves, the dwarfs but lets not forget the giants. The giants are the enemies of the Aesir gods. Many of the Norse myths involve some rivalry or another between these two groups. From the creation …

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