Fat Gods

2 Fat Greek Gods: Who Are They?

In ancient Greece, beauty was a virtue that belonged primarily to the wealthy. To have wealth meant that one had leisure time. This leisure time afforded young men the ability to spend long hours perfecting the sculpted and defined physique often associated with Ancient Greece and its gods. According to …

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Dionysus Myths

12 Dionysus Myths and Stories

Dionysus was unique amongst the Olympians in that his mother was human. He was the god of wine, revelry, and ecstatic madness. He also played a central role in Orphic myth, where he was said to be reborn twice – as a son of Zeus-Hades and Persephone, and then as …

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Apollo and Dionysus

Apollo and Dionysus: What is the Difference?

Apollo and Dionysus were two sides of a coin when it came to music and revelry, and they had many followers who appreciated their youth and vitality. But how did these gods compare? Apollo and Dionysus are so often compared because at first they appear to be the direct opposite …

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Why is Dionysus Important

Why is Dionysus Important?

The Twelve Gods Olympians were the ruling gods in Ancient Greek mythology, each with distinct and influential personalities, but why is Dionysus particularly important? Dionysus was half-human and a later addition to the gods of Olympus. The story goes that Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and one of the …

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Why Did Dionysus Reward King Midas

Why Did Dionysus Reward King Midas?

King Midas is probably one of the better known kings from Greek mythology. He twice found himself in a difficult situation upon interacting with the Olympian gods Dionysus and Apollo on different occasions. The stories are certainly cautionary tales and worth exploring in detail. So, why did Dionysus reward King …

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