Fenrir vs Odin

Fenrir vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Who would win in a fight – Fenrir or Odin? If you pit a wolf against a god, most people would say the god would win. Those people would be wrong. Unlike in monotheistic faiths, the gods are not all-powerful and all-perfect in polytheism. They are more like very powerful …

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Fenrir vs Jormungandr

Fenrir vs Jormungandr: What is the Difference?

Norse mythology. Full of blood, bone and terrifying creatures that defy scale. Two figureheads for this are the gigantic Fenrir and Jormungandr, but what is the difference between them? Though their tales begin together, they are remarkably different. Fanrir is a giant black wolf who will swallow the sun and …

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Fenrir vs Cerberus

Cerberus vs Fenrir: What is the Difference?

Cerberus and Fenrir’s similarities start and end with the fact that they are two gigantic canines covered in fur. These two mythical creatures could not be more different! First, Fenrir and Cerberus originate from two distinctly different cultures of mythology. Fenrir is a creature from Norse legends while Cerberus is …

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Why Did Fenrir Bite Tyr

Why Did Fenrir Bite Tyr?

Fenrir was one of the children Loki had with the giantess Angroboda. He was a huge wolf that wouldn’t stop growing. Fenrir had originally been taken in by the Aesir, but he grew to such a huge size the gods decided he needed to be chained up. So, why did …

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