Aphrodite and Persephone

Aphrodite and Persephone: What is the Difference?

Aphrodite and Persephone were both significant goddesses in the Greek pantheon, bonded by their love for the mortal Adonis. But how did these two goddesses compare? Apart from their love for Adonis, there at first seem to be few similarities between these two goddesses. Persephone had a happy marriage with …

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Did Persephone Love Hades

Did Persephone Love Hades?

The infamous myth of Persephone and Hades is a tale riddled with abduction, love, and sacrifice. Hades kept an eye on Persephone as she grew up and tended to the vegetation in the fields and gardens. One day, Persephone was picking some flowers with her nymphs in the meadow, when …

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