Odin vs Shiva

Shiva Vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Shiva and Odin are respectively the most important and possibly the strongest gods in their pantheons. While Shiva is the destroyer of chaos and evil in Hindu mythology, Odin has several attributions historically and is one of the most important and popular gods within Norse Mythology. Shiva is considered one …

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Vishnu vs Shiva

Shiva Vs Vishnu: What is the Difference?

Shiva and Vishnu are two of the three major supreme deities in Hindu Mythology that comprise the trinity known as the Trimurti. However, they are both very different in many ways and have some defining characteristics that add a stark contrast to each from the other. While Shiva is considered …

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Why is Shiva Important?

Shiva, “The Destroyer”, is one the three principle gods in Hinduism, part of the holy Trimurti. At first glance, one might assume he is the evil or dangerous villain of Southeast Asian lore, but Shiva is a complex character – and arguably, Hinduism’s most important god.  Shiva is a perfect …

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Shiva Blue

Why is Lord Shiva Blue?

Lord Shiva is one of the most important deities in Hindu Mythology, one of the three major deities in the ‘Trimurti’ Legend, and the destroyer of all evil and chaos. Lord Shiva is one of the most important characters in the Legend of the ‘Samudra Manthan’ or the churning of …

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Brahma and Vishnu

Brahma vs Shiva: What is the Difference?

Where there is creation, there must also be destruction. Or maybe it’s that in order to create, destruction must first take place. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever it is, Brahma and Shiva come together. Brahma is the Hindu deity of creation and Shiva is the Hindu deity …

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