Sirens vs Harpies

Sirens vs Harpies: What is the Difference?

Let’s get one thing clear from the start. Sirens and harpies are not the same things. They are often confused with each other but they are not the same. These half-bird, half-woman creatures do share several notable traits. Namely, their primary role seems to be to trick or seduce men …

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Sirens Have Wings

Do Sirens Have Wings?

Sirens are known predators of men using their voices to lure men to their deaths, but what do they look like? Are they bird-human hybrids or mermaid-like beings? The detailed accountancy of sirens were depicted as bird-human hybrids with the wings and talons of a bird. It wasn’t until the …

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Sirens Evil

Are Sirens Evil or Dangerous?

Everyone knows the myth. Women of seduction using their siren song to lull men to their death. But are they evil? Here we determine where on the line of good and evil these notorious creatures lie. Sirens can be considered both good and evil, or neither. Just like humans they …

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Mermaids vs Sirens

Sirens vs Mermaids: What is the Difference?

Today, sirens and mermaids are commonly used interchangeably to reference beautiful women of the sea. In truth, however, these two half-human creatures of legend represent two distinct and very different myths. Siren and mermaids exist as mythological foils to one another. Half-human, half-bird, sirens are evil seductresses dwelling on rocky …

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