Why Was Medusa Cursed

Why was Medusa Cursed?

Medusa is the cursed gorgon whose appearance was so horrible that those who gazed upon her were immediately turned into stone, but why was this horrible curse placed upon her? Although primarily a Greek myth, we owe the story of Medusa’s curse to the Roman author Ovid. Ovid’s Metamorphoses details …

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Medusa Why Important

Why is Medusa Important?

Medusa, the snake-headed Gorgon, is a prevalent figure from Greek myth, but why is she important? Medusa is a dimorphic character in the popular imagination; either a tragic feminist hero or a terrifying monstrous villain. The truth was somewhere between those and is still continually reinterpreted. Medusa was a Gorgon, …

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Why Did Athena Punish Medusa

Why Did Athena Curse Medusa?

Medusa is certainly the most famous of the three Gorgons, cursed by Athena to have snakes for hair and a look that could turned men to stone, but why did Athena curse her? There are a few versions of the story of Medusa. Depending on the myth, Poseidon either raped …

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