Tyr – Norse God of War and Law

Tyr – The Norse God of War and Law

You can’t find too many mythologies out there that can hold a candle against the epic tales that the Norse mythos has to offer. That’s because unlike most other mythologies out there, the Northern Germanic religion Norse gods and goddesses are fascinating to read about as they were originally meant …

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viewers watch 3D movie

10 Best Norse Mythology Movies: What Are They?

Vikings and deities. Gods of thunder and gods of mischief. Norse mythology is wrought with stories written as if designed to be adapted for the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to see an epic battle between giants and deities? People love apocalypse movies and have built several movies and TV …

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Fenrir vs Odin

Fenrir vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Who would win in a fight – Fenrir or Odin? If you pit a wolf against a god, most people would say the god would win. Those people would be wrong. Unlike in monotheistic faiths, the gods are not all-powerful and all-perfect in polytheism. They are more like very powerful …

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Norse Gods Family Tree

Norse Gods Family Tree: Who is Who?

The Norse gods have been the inspiration for many contemporary fantasy and fiction works. From Thor and Loki in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe to their portrayal in American Gods by Neil Gaiman to board games and TV shows based on the end of times – Ragnarök – they’ve …

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Odin vs Shiva

Shiva Vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Shiva and Odin are respectively the most important and possibly the strongest gods in their pantheons. While Shiva is the destroyer of chaos and evil in Hindu mythology, Odin has several attributions historically and is one of the most important and popular gods within Norse Mythology. Shiva is considered one …

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Board games

7 Best Norse Mythology Board Games: What Are They?

Norse mythology is filled with stories of the coming end of days. Called Ragnarök, this time was said to be fraught with gods fighting against gods, monsters and evil creatures invading, and more. Naturally, it’s also the perfect premise for board games. But if the violence of Ragnarök isn’t your …

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Fenrir vs Jormungandr

Fenrir vs Jormungandr: What is the Difference?

Norse mythology. Full of blood, bone and terrifying creatures that defy scale. Two figureheads for this are the gigantic Fenrir and Jormungandr, but what is the difference between them? Though their tales begin together, they are remarkably different. Fanrir is a giant black wolf who will swallow the sun and …

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Is the Kraken Greek or Norse?

Given the terrifying accounts sailors and soldiers would return home to tell, it’s no wonder that the Norwegian afterlife belongs to those who died valiantly in battle or at sea. But the Kraken really gets the medal for the most terrifying sea monster.  Despite its common association with Greek mythology, …

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