Chang E

Why Did Chang E Fly to the Moon?

Chang E/Chang’ e or Zhang E is a moon goddess in Chinese myth, famous for her flight to the moon without her husband, the Divine Archer Hou Yi, or Houyi. But why did Chang E fly to the moon, and what place does she hold in myth? In legend, Chang …

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Is Monkey King a God

Is the Monkey King a God?

One of the most beloved creatures in Chinese mythology is the Monkey King, or Stone Monkey – but is he a god? He is indeed a key figure, but opinions vary significantly on whether or not the Sun Wukong actually counts as a deity.) The Monkey King is considered a …

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What is a Qilin

What is a Qilin in Chinese Mythology?

The Qilin (also Kilin or Chilin), sometimes called the Chinese Unicorn, is a famed beast in Chinese lore, but what exactly is it? It is actually a one-horned chimera-like animal similar to a unicorn, one of five or more unicorn-like creatures in Chinese myth. Qilins are creatures that can live …

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Coolest Chinese Gods and Goddesses

7 Coolest Chinese Gods and Goddesses: Who Are They?

Ancient Chinese lore is bursting with gods and goddesses as well as other divine and semi-divine beings – and they’re all pretty awesome in one way or another! Spanning centuries, this rich tapestry of mythology contains countless stories and characters that could take a lifetime to gather and understand. Sadly, …

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Facts Chinese Gods

25 Facts about Chinese Gods and Goddesses

The gods of ancient China were some of the most fascinating in the world. Dragons, moon-women, and monkey-kings – China’s rich mythology had stories that covered everything. China’s sacred gods were good, evil, and anything in-between; each god or goddess was unique with its own tale. How much do you …

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