Is Ares Evil

Is Ares Good or Evil?

Ares might very well be the personification of the worst human qualities – bloodlust, violence, manipulation, and greed. But like all of Greek mythology, good and bad are relatively ambiguous terms. Even the greatest Greek heroes committed horrendous atrocities. But that’s also part of what makes Greek mythology so fascinating, …

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Ares and Hades

Hades and Ares: What is the Difference?

Hades and Ares were perhaps the two Greek gods most famously associated with death – one with war, and one with the afterlife. But how do this nephew and uncle compare? Hades and Ares were both related to death and both shunned by the other members of their family, but …

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Why is Ares Important

Why is Ares Important?

Ares, known as Mars in Roman myth, is one of the Twelve Olympians in Ancient Greek lore, but what makes him, specifically, important?  Ares is the God of War and often serves as a foil to Athena; she is a goddess of strategy while he is a god of bloodlust …

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