Children of Uranus and Gaia

13 Children of Uranus and Gaia: Who Are They?

Uranus and Gaia, respectively personifications of the sky and earth, were primordial gods and the progenitors of many. They had lots of children together, from Titans to gods to giants, though their union was not always a happy one. They were the grandparents or great-grandparents of most of the Olympians. …

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Interesting Facts About the Greek God Uranus

18 Interesting Facts About the Greek God Uranus

Uranus, or Ouranos, was the primordial Greek god personification of the sky. He was Titans’ father and the husband and son of Gaia, the anthropomorphic version of the earth. He was also the grandfather or great-grandfather of all of the Olympian gods (except for Aphrodite, who was technically his daughter!) …

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Cronus vs Uranus

Cronus and Uranus: What is the Difference?

Cronus and Uranus both took a turn serving as the king of the Titans, the terrifying giants that ruled before the Olympians. But how did this father and son compare? Uranus loved his wife but hated his children – a trait which he somewhat ironically passed onto his youngest Titan …

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