Why Did Artemis Side With the Trojans

Why Did Artemis Side With the Trojans?

According to various epics of classical literature like the Iliad, the gods and goddesses interfered in the mortal Trojan War. Artemis was one of these goddesses, and she sided with the Trojans during the war. Why did she do so?  Artemis sided with the Trojans in the Trojan War because …

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Why Did Artemis Kill Ariadne

Why Did Artemis Kill Ariadne?

There are several different accounts of what became of Ariadne, ranging from her committing suicide after being abandoned by her lover, to marrying the god Dionysus. However, according to Homer’s Odyssey, Artemis killed Ariadne. Why would Artemis do such a deed? According to Homer, Artemis killed Ariadne at Dionysus’s request. …

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Artemis Facts

20 Artemis Facts: Bears, Mountains and Troy

The Ancient Greeks worshipped Artemis as the goddess of the moon, nature, and hunting. Her brother Apollo was her twin and counterpart, sharing dominion over hunting, but also serving as god of the sun. As a nature goddess, Artemis was a favorite of the ancient god Pan. She loved animals, …

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Why Did Artemis Kill Orion

Why Did Artemis Kill Orion?

You may be wondering why Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, would kill Orion, her lover and like-minded mighty hunter. The answer may surprise you! Why did Artemis kill Orion? ​The god Apollo tricked Artemis into shooting an arrow at a man trying to swim away and escape after committing …

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Why is Artemis Important

Why is Artemis Important?

The Twelve Olympians were the ruling gods in Ancient Greek mythology, each with distinct and influential personalities, but why is Artemis, specifically, important? She was the goddess of both the hunt and wild animals and the twin of Apollo. Where Apollo was a sun god, she was a moon goddess. …

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