Did Athena Have Children?

It would seem a safe assumption that the virgin goddess Athena would not have any children, but you would be mistaken. As is often the case in Greek mythology the truth is somewhat murkier. Erichthonius was produced from a failed attempt by Hephaestus to rape Athena. Hephaestus was the god …

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Athena Myths

7 Athena Myths and Stories

Athena is an important goddess in the pantheon of Greek gods. She may not have had the impact of say Zeus, Poseidon or Hades, but she certainly is worth some time exploring. Here were have taken a dive into the realms, myths, stories and personality of this interesting Greek goddess. …

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Athena and Poseidon

Poseidon and Athena: What is the Difference?

Poseidon and Athena were two of the most well-known Greek gods. He was god of the sea and horses, while she ruled wisdom and strategic warfare. But how did these gods compare? Poseidon and Athena ruled over very different realms, but their family bond was the reason that they shared …

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Why Did Athena Punish Medusa

Why Did Athena Curse Medusa?

Medusa is certainly the most famous of the three Gorgons, cursed by Athena to have snakes for hair and a look that could turned men to stone, but why did Athena curse her? There are a few versions of the story of Medusa. Depending on the myth, Poseidon either raped …

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Why is Athena Important

Why is Athena Important?

The Twelve Gods of Olympus (the Olympians) were the ruling gods in Ancient Greek mythology, each with distinct and powerful personalities, but why is Athena particularly important? Athena is most well known as the goddess of wisdom but also of strategic warfare. She is the patron god of many cities, …

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