Is Cronus Evil or Good?

One of the most alluring things about Greek mythology is its love of moral ambiguity. It presents deeply flawed individuals as heroes. Individuals full of wrath and anger still managed to garner loyalty from followers. Humans named them gods, built shrines of worship, and made sacrifices at their altars. Ares, …

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Cronus vs Uranus

Cronus and Uranus: What is the Difference?

Cronus and Uranus both took a turn serving as the king of the Titans, the terrifying giants that ruled before the Olympians. But how did this father and son compare? Uranus loved his wife but hated his children – a trait which he somewhat ironically passed onto his youngest Titan …

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Zeus and Cronus

Zeus and Cronus: What is the Difference?

The rivalry between Zeus and Cronus is very important to the continuity of the Greek myths and the Greek universe. Cronus as king of the Titan gods and Zeus as king of the Olympian gods both play important roles in the lives of the other Titans, gods, demigods and mortals. …

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