Are Trolls Good or Evil?

Stemming from Scandinavian folklore, trolls are typically divided into two categories. There are the mountain trolls – similar to what Harry, Ron, and Hermione faced down in the bathroom during their first year at Hogwarts. These are large, brutish, and generally unintelligent creatures with little distinction from giants as far …

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Gnomes vs Trolls: What is the Difference?

Gnomes and trolls share a common origin in the grand Old Norse mythology and are mythological creatures with their own unique powers. However, trolls and gnomes are very different creatures, and not only in their physical size and shape. Gnomes are different from trolls in that they are often kind …

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Ogres vs Trolls: What is the Difference?

Ogres and trolls are often confused because of their size and frightening appearance. Both are malevolent  creatures with a penchant for evil acts and a taste for human flesh. However, there are certain differences in their behaviors and appearance that set them apart from one another in myth.  Ogres descend …

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