9 Important Greek Mythology Couples: Who Are They?

A vast number of Greek myths come down to the deities’ propensity for extramarital affairs. This has affected the relationships of established and married couples in various ways. Maybe most famous is Zeus and Hera, whose relationship is heavily documented by Zeus’s affairs with gods and humans alike and Hera’s …

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Why Did Apollo Curse Cassandra

Why Did Apollo Curse Cassandra?

“Cassandra’s Curse” is a phrase sometimes still used today in the psychiatry field, referring to the belief that psychiatrists can read their patients’ minds while also being unreliable at predicting tragedies. However, many people don’t know the origin of this curse or why Apollo cursed Cassandra. Apollo cursed Cassandra because …

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Why Did Apollo Hate Achilles

Why Did Apollo Hate Achilles?

Achilles is one of the most well-known heroes in Greek mythology, in part because of what’s known as “Achilles’ Heel.” In Greek mythology, Achilles was killed by a single arrow that struck him in his most vulnerable spot, an arrow that was said to have been guided by Apollo himself. …

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Apollo Myths

10 Apollo Myths and Stories

Apollo was one of the lesser known Olympian gods. That being said, he was certainly very interesting in his own right. He played a major role in the Trojan war, he had his fair share of lovers and affairs, and he governed over the realm of prophecy. So, of course …

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Apollo and Dionysus

Apollo and Dionysus: What is the Difference?

Apollo and Dionysus were two sides of a coin when it came to music and revelry, and they had many followers who appreciated their youth and vitality. But how did these gods compare? Apollo and Dionysus are so often compared because at first they appear to be the direct opposite …

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Why is Apollo Important

Why is Apollo Important?

The Twelve Gods of Olympus or the the Olympians were the ruling gods in Ancient Greek mythology, each with distinct and influential personalities, but why is Apollo particularly important? Twin to Artemis, he was the sun where she was the moon. He was also one of the very few gods …

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