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Imps vs Fairies: What is the Difference?

Given the numerous popular mythological creatures out there, it can be challenging to distinguish one from the other. Take imps and fairies, for example – they’re both diminutive creatures that are magical and originate in European folklore. That said, despite having some similarities, they’re actually extremely different.  Fairies are humanlike …

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Imp Eat

What Do Imps Eat?

Imps are one of the most popular creatures in fairy tales. These mischievous beings look menacing and feature heavily in folklore, where they are known to unleash different degrees of mayhem on unsuspecting individuals. What do they eat to maintain their energy? Imps eat a lot of meat. They eat …

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Imp Powers and Abilities: What Can They Do?

Imps are popular in folklore and superstition. Some people believe they are to blame for properties moving from where you kept them and electrical appliances coming on when there’s no one in the room. What other powers and abilities do these creatures have? Imps are believed to have a wide …

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Imps vs Demons: What is the Difference?

It’s easy to confuse imps and demons. They’re both horned creatures with ugly faces, sharp claws, and a general penchant for leading people down dangerous paths. However, there are some notable differences between the two creatures.  Imps are mischief-makers, while demons are evildoers. Imps trace their origins to early Germanic …

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Imps vs Goblins: What is the Difference?

Imps and goblins are both creatures that are used as minor villains in many mythological and fantasy stories. However, while you may know what goblins are, you may not have heard of imps before and think they’re the same things. This isn’t the case, and they’re actually quite different.  Imps …

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Imp Myths and Stories

5 Imp Myths and Stories

Since the dawn of Old German folklore, imps have been fascinating creatures of myth and legend, both in Europe and around the world in different versions. They’re mischievous and troubling little humanoids with a penchant for pranks and trickery. Often, they’re associated with the devil in later Christian myth, although …

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