Why Did Anubis Have a Jackal Head

Why Did Anubis Have a Jackal Head?

The ancient Egyptians had an interesting system of gods and goddesses. There were many different types of animals that humans would worship, but the most common was an animal with a human head. One such god is Anubis, but why did he have a jackal head?  Anubis had the head …

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Why Did Anubis Weigh the Heart

Why Did Anubis Weigh the Heart?

The ancient Egyptians had all sorts of beliefs that may seem strange to us today. For example, they believed that when you died, Anubis would weigh your heart against a feather to determine your path in the afterlife.  Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead, weighed the hearts of …

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Ra and Anubis

Ra and Anubis: What is the Difference?

Ra and Anubis were two of the most famous deities in Ancient Egyptian myth. The former was a sun god while the latter was a guardian of the Duat, the Egyptian afterlife. But how did these two gods compare? Ra’s many aspects are very different from Anubis, who is generally …

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Anubis and Set

Anubis and Set: What is the Difference?

Anubis and Set were two very important animal headed Egyptian  gods. They were brothers and, depending on the myth, also father and son. But how did these two gods compare? Anubis was a scary-looking animal-headed god associated with death, so it is no surprise that he is often involved by …

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