Is Loki a Frost Giant in Norse Mythology

Is Loki a Frost Giant in Norse Mythology?

Many people might be familiar with the trickster god Loki through the prevalence and the continuing popularity of Norse mythology in fiction, movies, video games, and several series on television. But what if I said Loki isn’t the “Odinson” you are familiar with? Loki is more of a mystery than …

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Why Did Loki Kill Baldur

Why Did Loki Kill Baldur?

Loki was always causing trouble amongst the gods. He didn’t like to see anyone having any fun. When he saw all the fun the gods were having with Balder, he decided he had to do something to stop it. So, why did Loki kill Baldur? Loki was very bored with …

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Loki Mouth Sewn Shut

Why Was Loki’s Mouth Sewn Shut?

Sif was Thor’s beautiful wife. She had golden hair unlike any other. One day, Loki decided to sneak into her bedroom and cut it off. This led to a series of events resulting in Loki’s mouth being sewn shut and the gods receiving six magnificent treasures. So, Why Was Loki’s …

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Why Did Aphrodite Punish Narcissus

Who Are Loki’s Children?

Loki is one of the most important characters in Norse mythology. Other than maybe Odin or Thor, he appears in so many of the different stories. In the myths it isn’t clear if he is on the side of the Aesir gods, working with the giants or rather just interested …

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