Pixies Powers and Abilities: What Can They Do?

Pixies are small mythical creatures commonly found in British and Celtic Folklore and modern fantasy. While typically understood to be only about 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall, these diminutive beings possess magical and non-magical abilities that far exceed their stature. Pixies have numerous powers and abilities, including shapeshifting, flying, and …

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Pixies vs Sprites: What is the Difference?

If you’re new to the world of magic, you can be forgiven for believing that all small folk are fairies. Even though all small magical beings are fae, they’re divided into smaller groups; pixies and sprites being just two of them.  Pixies are larger than sprites and have pointy ears. …

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Pixies vs Fairies

Pixies vs Fairies: What is the Difference?

Pixies and fairies are both figures from mythology and folklore. In modern stories, they’re usually depicted as diminutive figures with wings and magic, resulting in people thinking that the terms are interchangeable words for the same creatures. However, this isn’t the case.  While fairies resemble humans, pixies usually have colored …

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Are Pixies Evil or Dangerous?

Pixies are fun mythical creatures that are typically chaotic. However, this chaos could mean that they’re on the side of good, or they’re on the side of evil. Which are they?  Like humans, some pixies are good and evil, but not particularly dangerous. Some cause mischief or actively try to …

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Myths about Pixies

10 Myths and Stories About Pixies

 A pixie is a little faerie creature from Britain, especially England. It particularly dwells in the areas of Cornwall and Devonshire, and until the 19th century, it didn’t leave the British shores. A boom in the popularity of magic in the 19th century brought pixies worldwide along with their other …

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Facts about Pixies

12 Facts About Pixies: Origin, Disney and Horses

Pixies are creatures of British folklore, especially focused around the English areas of Devonshire and Cornwall. They share many similarities with the Scottish and Irish minor faerie folk, enjoying mischief and magic. These small childlike creatures gained pointy hats and ears in the Victorian era, and they’ve been a key …

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