Why Did Ra Have a Falcon Head

Why Did Ra Have a Falcon Head?

Many Egyptian deities are depicted with animal heads, one of which is Ra. This ‘unique’ feature has led many people to ask: Why does Ra have the head of a falcon?  Ra has a falcon head because the falcon was the traditional symbol for sun-gods. The bird, which is known …

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Why Did Ra Curse Nut

Why Did Ra Curse Nut?

People know a lot about ancient Greek and Roman mythology, and thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Norse mythology is gaining in popularity, as well. However, most people aren’t as well versed in Egyptian mythology. The Egyptians, too, have plenty of interesting myths, such as the one concerning Ra and …

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Ra and Horus

Ra and Horus: What is the Difference?

Ra and Horus both royalty and gods of the sun, and they were even combined and conflated with one another in later Egyptian myth. But how did these two entities compare? While there are many, many similarities between these two gods, who shared many things from their major domains (the …

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Ra and Anubis

Ra and Anubis: What is the Difference?

Ra and Anubis were two of the most famous deities in Ancient Egyptian myth. The former was a sun god while the latter was a guardian of the Duat, the Egyptian afterlife. But how did these two gods compare? Ra’s many aspects are very different from Anubis, who is generally …

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