How Tall is a Centaur?

Centaurs are half-man, half-horse creatures of Greek legend. With the torso of a man and the legs and body of a horse, imagine how tall such a creature could be! The average horse is between 5 and 6 feet tall, while an average male human in Ancient Greece stood at …

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Centaurs Female

Can Centaurs Can Be Female?

When thinking of centaurs, we often picture someone with the bottom half of a horse and the chest and face of a man. Rarely do we think of a female. Centaurs are usually shown as wild and lustful half-man and half-horse creatures. The children of Centaurus and the Magnesian mares, …

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Can Centaurs Fly?

Human beings have a fascination with the ability to fly, and nowhere is that clearer than in mythology. With all of those creatures, why shouldn’t centaurs and other creatures fly? Centaurs are half-human, half-horse creatures primarily known for their animalistic behavior. With the exception of Chiron, centaurs are usually seen …

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Centaur Evil

Are Centaurs Evil or Dangerous?

There’s a lot of back and forth on the topic of Centaurs. The creatures have a tumultuous yet bare history.   What is there seems to paint a clearer picture of them. Centaurs are often described as drunken, short-tempered, and angry creatures. Though Centaurs are depicted with a bow and …

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Centaurs vs Satyrs

Centaurs vs Satyrs: What is the Difference?

From the mermaids and sirens of Greek mythology to the Sphinx of ancient Egypt to the deity Narasimha in the Hindu pantheon and more, half-human, half-animal or beast creatures exist across history, culture, and mythology. Two of these creatures, which maintain common footholds in high fantasy and contemporary pop culture, …

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