Norse Gods Family Tree

Norse Gods Family Tree: Who is Who?

The Norse gods have been the inspiration for many contemporary fantasy and fiction works. From Thor and Loki in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe to their portrayal in American Gods by Neil Gaiman to board games and TV shows based on the end of times – Ragnarök – they’ve …

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Coolest Norse Gods Goddesses and Giants

9 Coolest Norse Gods, Goddesses, and Giants

There were a whole bunch of deities fighting for the position of coolest Norse gods, goddesses, and giants. This is because one has to include all of the Æsir (primary pantheon), Vanir (secondary pantheon), and Jötnar (troll-giants)! The following list is pretty subjective – everyone has different favorites! – but …

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Evil Norse Gods

7 Evil Norse Gods Goddesses and Giants: Who Are They?

The Norse gods, goddesses, and giants had a very different opinion on good and evil from many other religions. Norse philosophy understood that one person’s evil was another’s good, and vice versa. However, some mythological Norse figures were generally seen as right – and some who were generally seen as …

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