Can Leprechauns be Female?

Everyone who is familiar with the country of Ireland knows what a Leprechaun is. They’re the little green men that make shoes all day. Who are these little men? And, more importantly, where are all the females?  When you see the infamous image of the green clad, shoe making Leprechaun, …

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Can Leprechauns Fly?

Leprechauns, the little bearded men of Ireland with their pot of gold. Mysterious creatures with infamous abilities that earned them the title of trickster, but is flying one of these abilities? Generally no, but they probably could if they wanted to. Leprechauns definitely don’t have wings and so can’t fly …

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Wheat field

Gnomes vs Leprechauns: What is the Difference?

The folk tales of Europe are teeming with all sorts of fairies and mythical creatures. Many are derived from pagan traditions, while others come from modern folklore. Some creatures share many similarities, such as the elves of Norse mythology and the fairies of Celtic and Slavic origin. One of the …

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Leprechaun Evil

Are Leprechauns Evil?

In the world of myth and folklore, rare is the neutral creature. Myths and legends are often used to teach lessons and provide morals. They carry traditions and teach children right from wrong, to be wary of what goes bump in the night, to learn caution and observation, to understand …

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Leprechaun 1

Do Leprechauns Make Shoes?

Leprechauns are the most famous Irish faerie creatures around the world, whether it’s for their red hair, their rainbow, or their pot of gold! But are they known for shoemaking? Like brownies in other mythologies, leprechauns are well-known cobblers who often work hard at crafting buckled shoes. Unlike the brownies, …

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Lep and Dwarf

Leprechauns vs Dwarves: What is the Difference?

Leprechauns and dwarves. They’re referenced across the world as short, stouty men usually sporting impressive beards but what are the key differences between them? Both Leprechauns and Dwarves are described as short men, their appearance, behaviour and habitats are very different. Leprechauns wear tailored clothing while the dwarves prefer more …

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