Why Does Poseidon Hate Odysseus?

The events of Homer’s epic The Odyssey are largely driven by Poseidon’s antagonistic actions against the hero Odysseus but why does Poseidon hold this deep unrelenting grudge against poor, homesick Odysseus?  There is no shortage of potential reasons for Poseidon’s wrath however the most prevalently cited reason is that Odysseus …

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Odysseus Myths

12 Odysseus Myths and Stories

Odysseus was a hero of the Greeks during the Trojan War. He was a friend and rival of Achilles, and the one who discovered him on Skyros. He also served as a foil to Achilles during the war as described in the Iliad, preferring brains while Achilles favored brawn. The …

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What did Odysseus do to Polyphemus

What did Odysseus do to Polyphemus?

In the Odyssey, Polyphemus was known to be a monstrous Cyclops. Polyphemus is one of the many monsters Odysseus encounters on his ten-year-long journey home to Ithica from Troy.  So, what did Odysseus do to Polyphemus?  When Odysseus and his men arrive on the island of the Cyclopes, their intent …

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What did Circe do to Odysseus

What did Circe do to Odysseus?

Circe was known to be the daughter of the sun god, Helios. In Homer’s Odyssey, she is portrayed as a powerful witch or goddess who takes a liking to Odysseus. She has the power of transmutation and is capable of turning men into anything she likes. She was known to …

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