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Ogres vs Trolls: What is the Difference?

Ogres and trolls are often confused because of their size and frightening appearance. Both are malevolent  creatures with a penchant for evil acts and a taste for human flesh. However, there are certain differences in their behaviors and appearance that set them apart from one another in myth.  Ogres descend …

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Ogres vs Dwarves: What is the Difference?

Dwarves have captured human imagination since time immemorial, and myths abound of these diminutive and industrious creatures. Ogres have a darker history, with their giant size and a thirst for the flesh of human infants, and are very different from our garden gnomes forefathers.  Ogres sprung from the Estrucan myths …

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Why Do Ogres Eat Humans?

Ogres are mythological creatures that resemble giants but are hideous and more menacing. In literature, ogre can be used metaphorically to describe a character who devours their victims or exploits them in any way. Ogres generally do feed on humans even though the friendlier versions, like Shrek, are shown to …

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Ogres Abilities

Ogres Abilities and Powers: What Can They Do?

Ogres are very popular monsters from fairy tale mythology and folklore. They are generally human-like monsters with dark green skin, giant size, and ugly physical features. Although they are almost universally depicted as incredibly strong and unbelievably dumb, do ogres have special abilities and powers? Ogres are incredibly strong and …

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Ogre Stories and Myths

7 Ogre Myths and Stories

Ogres are usually dark monsters who serve a greater cause. Often in folklore, they’re murderous and enjoy feasting on human flesh, especially that of infant and babies. They’ve long been go-to villains for evil minions in tales, much like their siblings, the orcs! Ogres, cyclopes, giants, and trolls are all …

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Famous Ogres

6 Famous Ogres: Who Are They?

Ogres are dark, tall, usually ugly, and dimwitted creatures from myth who appear all over the world. Very similar to and sometimes versions of giants and trolls, and sharing their origin with orcs, ogres aren’t creatures to be trifled with! Both in old and in more modern media, ogres have …

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