Is Thor Evil in Norse Mythology

Is Thor Evil in Norse Mythology?

Storytelling and mythology have long been major pillars in human nature and civilization. There are many mythological figures and gods that have been created by people over the centuries; one of the most notable of these gods is Thor. In Norse Mythology, Thor isn’t evil because he protects Asgard, but …

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Thor Myths and Stories

8 Thor Myths and Stories from Norse Mythology

Within Norse mythology, Thor is easily one of the most fascinating characters. He features in the majority of the major myths. Unlike his brother Loki, Thor does very little scheming and a great deal of fighting. For this reason he is thought of as one of the major defenders of …

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How Does Thor Almost Catch the Serpent

How Does Thor Almost Catch the Serpent?

Thor and the Midgard serpent were sworn enemies. They met many times throughout various myths and were always in some sort of battle. The fishing trip Thor took with Hymir was one instance where Thor almost beat the serpent. So, How does Thor almost catch the serpent? Thor and Hymir …

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How does Thor defeat Hrungnir

How does Thor defeat Hrungnir?

Giants have always been an enemy to Thor. When the strongest giant of them all, Hrungnir, challenges Thor to a duel, Thor readily accepts. On the day of the duel, Hrungnir meets his end with Thor’s hammer, Mjolliner. So, how does Thor defeat Hrungnir? Hrungnir meets Thor while he is …

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Why Did Thor Dress Up As A Bride

Why Did Thor Dress up as a Bride?

Thor was often getting himself into some scrap or another with any one of the giants. He loved to head off on an adventure into Jotunheim the land of the giants. But in one of the myths Thor ventures to Jotunheim for a very different reason. This myth involves Thor …

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