How was Aphrodite Born?

Some mythologies do not give Aphrodite a traditional parentage. Instead she is conceived in an unusual fashion. If not by sex then, how did the goddess of sex, love, desire come to be?  There are several versions of Aphrodite’s birth myth but the two most widely accepted versions come from …

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Aphrodite Symbols

3 Symbols of Aphrodite: What are They?

Of course, the goddess of love, lust, sex, and passion would have flowers and doves as her primary symbols. The irony lies in the stark contrast between the romantic notion roses, myrtle and dove have coveted over the years and the fierce, merciless, very unromantic and vain nature of Aphrodite. …

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Fat Gods

2 Fat Greek Gods: Who Are They?

In ancient Greece, beauty was a virtue that belonged primarily to the wealthy. To have wealth meant that one had leisure time. This leisure time afforded young men the ability to spend long hours perfecting the sculpted and defined physique often associated with Ancient Greece and its gods. According to …

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Why Did Aphrodite Love Ares

Why Did Aphrodite Love Ares?

One of the oldest tales of forbidden love comes from Aphrodite and Ares. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war, make for an odd pairing, according to some, but there are reasons why they loved each other.  Aphrodite loved Ares because he constantly made his love …

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Aphrodite Myths

8 Aphrodite Myths and Stories

Aphrodite is a name familiar to most people. She is strongly associated with the themes of beauty and love. But there is a great deal more to this highly interesting Greek goddesses. Aphrodite features in a varied mixture of stories and it’s worth exploring her impact further. So, lets get …

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Aphrodite and Persephone

Aphrodite and Persephone: What is the Difference?

Aphrodite and Persephone were both significant goddesses in the Greek pantheon, bonded by their love for the mortal Adonis. But how did these two goddesses compare? Apart from their love for Adonis, there at first seem to be few similarities between these two goddesses. Persephone had a happy marriage with …

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Aphrodite Psyche

Why Did Aphrodite Hate Psyche?

The infamous Aphrodite was a sight to see. In countless tellings of Greek myth, Aphrodite is always described as the most beautiful of the gods. She had the power to make any gods or humans fall in love with anyone she wanted. So why would she go out of her …

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Why Did Aphrodite Save Paris

Why Did Aphrodite Save Paris?

Throughout Greek myth, we often see gods and goddesses favouring mortals over others. A prime example of this is with Aphrodite and Paris during the Trojan War – a nine year battle between the city of Troy and the Achaeans. Paris would come to duel the King of Sparta, Menelaus, …

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