Fenrir vs Odin

Fenrir vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Who would win in a fight – Fenrir or Odin? If you pit a wolf against a god, most people would say the god would win. Those people would be wrong. Unlike in monotheistic faiths, the gods are not all-powerful and all-perfect in polytheism. They are more like very powerful …

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Odin vs Shiva

Shiva Vs Odin: What is the Difference?

Shiva and Odin are respectively the most important and possibly the strongest gods in their pantheons. While Shiva is the destroyer of chaos and evil in Hindu mythology, Odin has several attributions historically and is one of the most important and popular gods within Norse Mythology. Shiva is considered one …

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Is Odin Evil

Is Odin Evil in Norse Mythology?

Have the Norse gods entertained you recently? They are popular in TV series, movies, novels, and comic books. What you’ve seen may have made you curious as to what Odin’s character is like—if he is good or evil—and how he fits into this mythical universe. Odin is neither thoroughly evil …

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Why Did Odin Trap Mimir

Why Did Odin Trap Mimir?

In Norse Mythology, Mimir or Mim is a water spirit, known to be a wise god from the Aesir tribe. The Vanir decapitated him during the war and sent his head back to his hometown of Asgard. Odin incidentally finds Mimir and decides to keep him.  Odin kept Mimir’s head …

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Why Did Freya Marry Odin

Why Did Freya Marry Odin?

In Norse mythology, Freya was a leader of the Vanir gods, while Odin was the main god of the Aesir family. Freya married Odin to try and create peace between the Vanir and Aesir families. When the Aesir-Vanir War broke out, she agreed to marry Odin to encourage trust and …

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Odin Enemies

11 Enemies and Rivals of Odin in Norse Mythology

Odin, from the Old Norse Óðinn, was the leader of the Æsir, the primary pantheon of Norse gods. He was a father to many sons and a god of many different domains. Some of Odin’s realms included royalty, knowledge, battle, magic, war, leadership, healing, wisdom, execution, frenzy, and the runic …

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Odins Children

20 Children of Odin: Who Are They?

The leader of the Norse pantheon, Odin, was known for his many sons. Some were famous, some less so! Very few sources mention any daughters for Odin, but his sons made up the majority of the pantheon, along with their wives. For this reason, Odin was known as the All …

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Why Did Odin Have One Eye

Why Did Odin Have One Eye?

In the home of the giants, Jotunheim, sits Mimir’s well. Mimir was known as the wise one and was also the uncle to Odin. One day, Odin took a journey to Mimir’s well seeking to gain wisdom from his uncle. Mimir refused to let Odin take a drink from the …

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