Goblins Beards

Can Goblins Grow Beards?

The common depiction of a goblin looks like a small, lumpy, ugly green man with grotesque proportions, usually without a beard. But the truth is that the appearance of goblins varies across folklore and modern fiction. With a few exceptions, most goblins in modern fantasy can’t grow beards. However, some …

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Wheat field

What and Why Do Goblins Steal?

Goblins have been inhabiting Germanic and English folklore since approximately the 1100s. They’re well-known for their evil, mischievous wrongdoings, like murdering humans and stealing precious valuables. But, what and why do goblins steal?   Goblins are known for stealing anything valuable to humans. They steal anything from small children and infants …

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Goblins Scared

What Are Goblins Scared Of?

Goblins are small creatures of myth and fantasy, known to be mischievous, ugly, sneaky, and sometimes even aggressive. Because of their hostile nature, you may be left to wonder what it is that goblins fear. Goblins are commonly afraid of horses and, to a lesser extent, dogs; more specifically, they …

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Goblin Powers and Abilities

Goblin Abilities and Powers: What Can They Do?

One thing that makes creatures from mythology and folklore stand out from ordinary mortals is that they often possess powers and skills that we don’t have. This can often include magic, though it may also cover other abilities, such as greater strength or intelligence than humans. One of the most …

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Do Goblins Sleep and Are They Nocturnal?

Goblins are among the most interesting creatures from folklore. Given the numerous variations of these creatures, it can be hard to figure out anything about their nature. One of the most common questions about them is about their sleep patterns – are they diurnal like humans, or are they nocturnal …

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Why Do Goblins Have Green Skin?

Although there are various types of goblins, modern depictions of these creatures from folklore typically show them as having green skin. Given the variety of goblin traditions, it’s understandable that some people may wonder why this is the case.  Goblins have green skin because the color green is often associated …

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Imps vs Goblins: What is the Difference?

Imps and goblins are both creatures that are used as minor villains in many mythological and fantasy stories. However, while you may know what goblins are, you may not have heard of imps before and think they’re the same things. This isn’t the case, and they’re actually quite different.  Imps …

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Gnomes vs Goblins

Gnomes vs Goblins: What is the Difference?

Gnomes and goblins both emerged in our shared cultural history and have evolved alongside humans from antiquity. However, gnomes and goblins couldn’t be more different. Gnomes are often helpful and protective entities, while goblins in their many forms are creatures of evil. Gnomes differ from goblins in that they are …

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Are Goblins Evil

Are Goblins Evil or Dangerous?

When it comes to fantasy villains, there are a couple of mythological beings you can often expect will play a negative role. These include vampires, zombies, banshees, and, frequently, goblins. But does that mean goblins are evil across the board? Goblins aren’t always evil, though they’re almost always mischievous. However, …

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How Tall goblins

How Tall is a Goblin?

If you’re writing a fantasy novel, you need to know your characters inside and out. This doesn’t just mean knowing their personalities, it also means understanding their physical characteristics. One of the things you may wonder if you’re writing a goblin character is how tall you should make them.  Goblins …

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