How was Aphrodite Born?

Some mythologies do not give Aphrodite a traditional parentage. Instead she is conceived in an unusual fashion. If not by sex then, how did the goddess of sex, love, desire come to be?  There are several versions of Aphrodite’s birth myth but the two most widely accepted versions come from …

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Who Was Hedone?

Sometimes Greek Gods were personifications of concrete subjects such as the ocean, music, or wine but often the Gods personified abstract concepts such as love or chaos. Minor deities that fall into that category are called Daemones. One such Daemone is Hedone. Hedone was the Greek goddess of delight, enjoyment …

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Zeus Strengths and Weaknesses

Zeus Strengths and Weaknesses: What are They?

Zeus is a complicated figure in Greek mythology, on one hand he is a God of justice, hospitality, and oaths; on the other hand he is a shapeshifting womanizer who commits infidelity at every opportunity. With this juxtaposition of characteristics it’s natural to wonder if the king of the gods …

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Hades Symbols

3 Symbols of Hades: What are They?

Of all the Greek deities, Hades is probably the most misunderstood and frankly relatable. Unlike his brothers, he lacks a certain viciousness and hunger for power. He’s got the Underworld and all the souls to take care of and he does it fairly well. The Underworld as Hades stated in …

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Hera Symbols

3 Symbols of Hera: What are They?

No deity quite sums up William Congreve’s statement that ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ than Hera does. The wife of Zeus, she lived in a seemingly perpetual state of rage, jealousy, and bitterness over his sexual exploits, extramarrital affairs, and ever-increasing number of children born to other …

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Aphrodite Symbols

3 Symbols of Aphrodite: What are They?

Of course, the goddess of love, lust, sex, and passion would have flowers and doves as her primary symbols. The irony lies in the stark contrast between the romantic notion roses, myrtle and dove have coveted over the years and the fierce, merciless, very unromantic and vain nature of Aphrodite. …

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Hestia Symbols

2 Symbols of Hestia: What are They?

Unlike other deities, Hestia was simplicity and minimalism embodied. That is, she wasn’t the goddess of many things. She wasn’t Aphrodite, the goddess of both love and lust, sex and passion and beauty. She wasn’t Hera, goddess of fertility and marriage and family and more. She wasn’t any such thing. …

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Greek Mythology Movies

9 Best Greek Mythology Movies: What are They?

The world of Greek mythology has inspired people for millennia. And why wouldn’t it? What child doesn’t dream of finding out they’re the subject of a glorious prophecy? Who doesn’t imagine a life full of magic and fantastical creatures? But maybe more to the point, is who doesn’t feel spoken …

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Symbols of Poseidon: What Are They?

After the war against the Titans was over, Poseidon took to the seas. Dolphins and tridents became his most beloved symbols and aids. And somehow a horse, a creature destined for the land, also became one of his primary symbols. He used his trident to calm the seas and to …

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