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What Do Gnomes Eat?

By Andy Watkins


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Although gnomes are fairy tale/fantasy creatures, we know a lot about them just from reading about them and seeing them in movies and television shows. We know what they look like, what they do to help nature, animals, and people, and all manner of other things. But one thing that doesn’t come up often is what gnomes eat.

Gnomes in folklore have a vegetarian diet. They favor vegetables, spices, tubers, berries, fruit, applesauce, potatoes, beans, peas, and mushrooms. They also drink fermented raspberries and honey. 

The rest of the article will discuss gnome diet a bit more. You’ll also learn other interesting details about them.

Why Gnomes Have a Vegetarian Diet

Gnomes have a vegetarian diet because folklore places them in gardens. 

They were known to protect everything in the ground, including treasures, minerals, and crops. Since the garden is their main habitat, they are sure to eat a little of the garden produce to gain energy for the task of protecting the land from damage.

Therefore, a gnome’s diet depends largely on its home garden. 

For example, if your garden has potatoes and peppers, but your neighbor’s has turnips, tomatoes, and celery, the gnome protecting your garden will have different things to eat than the one at your neighbor’s house.

Luckily, any decorative gnomes you have outside your home are just statues, so you won’t have to worry about them raiding your garden at night while you sleep.

What Gnomes Drink

Gnomes like to drink beverages. They love fermented honey and water (Mead Dew) and fermented raspberries, and even beer in tiny doses. Gnomes also love to drink ale—another variant of beer that has a fruity taste. So, if the drink has a sweet and fruity taste, gnomes are likely to love them.

What Plants Will Attract Gnomes to Your Garden?

Plants that will attract gnomes to your gardens include an assortment of wildflowers and herbs. So, you need to have bluebells, ferns, and moss. Once you attract them, they are likely to stay if you have their food sources in the garden, as we’ve mentioned above.

What Else Attracts Gnomes to the Garden?

Other things that can attract gnomes to the garden include farming accessories like hoes, shovels, and wheelbarrows, etc., and other shiny objects like gazing balls and colorful flags. If you have a wind chime, you can also put them out as gnomes love soft music. 

Do People Leave Food Offerings for Gnomes?

Some believers in the lore leave food offerings for gnomes to attract them and keep them happy in their garden. However, you don’t need to do this, as gnomes can fend for themselves.  As we mentioned above, they can adapt to the food sources in your garden and eat to their fill.

Why Are Decorative Gnomes Popular?

Decorative gnomes are popular because they give people a connection to the old world when farmers had to rely on a mythical creature or good luck charm to protect them from pests, thieves, and crop damage. They were also believed to help farmers cultivate and remove weeds at night. 

People who believe in the myth that gnomes provide good luck still place them around the garden or tuck them into barn rafters.

Other people have grown fond of gnomes from reading books like J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter (or watching the movie adaptations) and games like Dungeons and Dragons. They get them and spread them around the house to relive the fun of the books, movies, or games.

Final Thoughts

Gnomes are vegetarian, according to folklore. However, you can add a few decorative options to your garden without worrying about what they’d eat. No, they won’t come to life at night to steal your produce.

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