Gnomes vs Trolls: What is the Difference?

Gnomes and trolls share a common origin in the grand Old Norse mythology and are mythological creatures with their own unique powers. However, trolls and gnomes are very different creatures, and not only in their physical size and shape. Gnomes are different from trolls in that they are often kind …

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Gnomes vs Goblins

Gnomes vs Goblins: What is the Difference?

Gnomes and goblins both emerged in our shared cultural history and have evolved alongside humans from antiquity. However, gnomes and goblins couldn’t be more different. Gnomes are often helpful and protective entities, while goblins in their many forms are creatures of evil. Gnomes differ from goblins in that they are …

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Gnomes vs Leprechauns: What is the Difference?

The folk tales of Europe are teeming with all sorts of fairies and mythical creatures. Many are derived from pagan traditions, while others come from modern folklore. Some creatures share many similarities, such as the elves of Norse mythology and the fairies of Celtic and Slavic origin. One of the …

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Gnome Abilities and Powers: What Can They Do?

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the history of fantasy and mythology or developing a character for your own novel, you’ll need to understand each creature you encounter in full detail. This doesn’t just include their origin, it also means understanding their powers and abilities. If you’re interested in …

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Can Gnomes Grow Beards?

Love them or hate them, the iconic garden gnome still flourishes in our American gardens. These quaint creatures are more than just lawn decoration, however, and have a long mythological history. The reason why these gnomes have long beards is closely linked to their ancient folklore.  Gnomes traditionally grow long …

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Do Gnomes Bring Good Luck?

The garden gnome that sits quietly in your front garden has a long history in myth and legends. Far from mere decoration, early gnomes in Scandinavia and Germany were protective spirits who ensured their favored humans were safe and prosperous. Gnomes bring good luck to humans that earn their trust. …

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Are Gnomes Mythical Creatures?

The modern garden gnome has taken on a new life in our digital culture. Often they take to traveling or are liberated by folk who feel that garden gnomes have been imprisoned by their human captors. Love them or call them tasteless, the gnome has a secret history deep in …

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Are Gnomes Evil?

Gnomes have been part of our lives since recorded history, from ancient Egypt to India and Germany. Garden gnomes are a popular decorating feature in our gardens, and popular culture has embraced these diminutive household spirits. In their Norse ancestry, gnomes were fierce creatures with superhuman strength, but the Victorian …

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What Do Gnomes Eat?

Although gnomes are fairy tale/fantasy creatures, we know a lot about them just from reading about them and seeing them in movies and television shows. We know what they look like, what they do to help nature, animals, and people, and all manner of other things. But one thing that …

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What Do Gnomes Do at Night?

Our adorable garden gnomes weren’t always so quiet and innocuous. Their old home Nordic ancestry told of fierce creatures with the gift of metalwork and mining. Victorian retellings of the gnome myth changed these creatures to diminutive household faeries who sometimes engaged with the human world.  Gnomes are active in …

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